Visitor Guidelines

We strive to provide every customer with a pleasant and luxurious shopping experience. Before your next visit to The Boutique by menstore by menstore, please read our Visitor Guidelines.

Where can I leave my luggage?

We work hard to make The Boutique by menstore by menstore a safe and secure environment. For your safety, large bags and parcels, and luggage are not allowed in-store. You can store your belongings at customer service counter.

Can I take photos in store?

Taking photos of items is not allowed unless necessary. If you would like to take photos or film in The Boutique by menstore by menstore for business-related purposes, please direct your request to our Corporate Affairs office instead at

·Does the store have WIFI?

Yes, you can connect to our WIFI as soon as you enter the store. Our Wifi can be used to access the internet and applications.
If you are having trouble connecting to our Wifi, this may be due to interference with the Wifi signal. You might try moving to a different area of the store or take assistance from Store Manager.

Is CCTV active in-store?

For your safety, CCTV is used throughout the store. We comply with all local laws in relation to our use of CCTV. In the interests of your security, you may be subject to a search upon entering or leaving the store.

Do you have a car park?

Yes, we offer a valet-operated car park in Madison square Mall.