About us

H Karim Buksh & Sons opened its doors as a fabric and tailoring shop in 1948 in Lahore, Pakistan in the
Leela Ram Kirpa Ram building later known as the Karim Building located on the prestigious Mall Road
also known as the ‘Thandi Sarak’ back then. Before the partition H Karim Buksh & Sons was run as a
family business in India Calcutta since 1927 as a tailoring and later a fabric shop catering to the elite of
the time.
The business started by the late H Karim Buksh in 1927 grew from strength to strength over time to
what It is today. Branched out into Luxury retail with an extensive portfolio of the world’s best fashion
and lifestyle brands. With a progressive attitude the 3rd generation has created a niche for itself by
establishing the luxury division back in 1995 which has grown from strength to strength since.
Our Heritage -

The Men’s Store was started in 1995 and is the pioneer of luxury retail in Pakistan. It falls under the
umbrella of H Karim Buksh & Sons which is the oldest departmental store in Pakistan. Men’s Store
represents luxury international brands as their official distributor/partner in Pakistan. With generations
of retail expertise, hard work and dedication we continue to provide an unmatchable luxury experience.
With over 25 years of operation we serve a super niche clientage and continue providing our present
and future clients with the best in International Fashion.