Customer Service

1. Shopping Experience (Private Seating, Nespresso Coffee, Alteration facility)
Enjoy one of the finest experiences available at The Mens Store. Let our highly trained and
knowledgeable staff cater to your needs as you sip on your Nespresso Coffee in our private seating area
which can be cordoned off with curtains to provide the utmost privacy for our esteemed clients.

2. Alteration Facility
Lost weight? Or gained some? Let our in-house tailor take care of all your alteration needs.
*No alteration charges for items that have been purchased and need to be altered.
*Alteration charges for Clients’ personal items vary.

3. Gift Packaging
We’ll make sure your loved ones get something extraordinary by wrapping our products in our luxury
embossed paper and ribbon with a handcrafted personal message.

4. Personal Shopping
Can be arranged by appointment. Clients will be seated in our private seating area, and a personal
shopper will cater to all your requirements.

*Minimum spend for an appointment (Rs 100,000)